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KO Coverage By A KO Look-A-Like: UFC 190- Rousey vs Correia

Undefeated UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey defends her title against the also-undefeated Bethe Correia.  Rousey asked for this fight to take place in Brazil on Correia's home turf to make a statement about her personal issues against Correia after Correia defeated two of Rousey's teammates and made disparaging remarks against Rousey.  Will the Mike Tyson of MMA have another gif-length dominating performance, or could the Pit Bull be the one to dethrone Ronda Rousey?

This card isn't just a one trick pony, however.  Mauricio "Shogun" Rua faces Antonio Rogerio Nogueria, Stefan Struve fights Minotauro Nogueria, "Bigfoot" Silva looks to overcome "The Hulk" Soa Palelei, and Claudia Gadelha defends her rank #1 Strawweight position.  

Fight Pass Prelims

Hugo Viana vs Guido Cannetti

Round 1:  Stiff opening kick from Cannetti, but Viana weathers it.  Viana catches Cannetti on an attempted spinning kick and takes him down.  Viana locks a kneebar attempt, but Cannetti is able to get to a kneeling position.  Viana takes him back but as they stand up, Cannetti turns to face him.  They clinch against the cage for a while, but the referee breaks them up.  Viana attempts a takedown and Cannetti defends it.  Cannetti follows up with a pair of spinning kicks.

Round 2:  Cannetti starts with a stiff leg kick, and follows with a hard head kick.  Cannetti takes him down and has a side mount.  Viana gets up and lands a fierce right hand that forces Cannetti back.  Viana is attacking hard and controlling this fight.

Round 3:  Viana attempts a double leg, but Cannetti fights with short knees and separates Viana's arms to widen out the space.  Viana throws Cannetti and gets a momentary takedown, but Cannetti stands quickly.  

Official decision: Guido Cannetti wins by unanimous decision.

Vitor Miranda vs Clint Hester

Round 1:  Hester moves in quickly and gets the takedown.  Hester pins Miranda against the cage and knees Miranda's legs.  Hester is able to flip him over to try to attack, but Miranda moves into a guarded position quickly.  Miranda fights out of the mount and reverses position.  Miranda strikes down with fully-extended shots and hard fists.  Miranda hears the final ten seconds marker and rallies off with shots to the ribs.

Round 2:  Hester stands in front of Miranda, but Miranda sweeps the leg out from under him.  Hester gets up quickly, but Miranda continues to attack with leg kicks.  Hester attempts a takedown, and Miranda fights it off.  Miranda strikes Hester down with a knee to the body and showers down a deluge of strikes onto the face of Hester.  

Official decision:  Vitor Miranda wins by TKO in round 2.

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Iuri Alcantara vs Leandro Issa

Round 1:  Alcantara moves in with some capoeira style kicks. Issa is taken down but rolls through and lifts up Alcantara as Alcantara wraps his legs around Issa's head and hangs upside-down.  Issa is able to take over and mount Alcantara to attack with ground and pound. Alcantara tries to counter with an armbar, but Issa escapes the attempt and closes the round in the mount.

Round 2:  Alcantara catches Issa with a hit as Issa slips and capitalizes on the situation.  More striking coming this round.  Issa tries for a takedown, but it is defended. Issa grinds Alcantara against the cage until the referee moves in to separate them.  Alcantara gets a great rally and knocks Issa down.  He gets a side mount and hammers with elbows onto Issa, but Issa gets away.  Alcantara continues to strike and wobbles Issa at the end of the round.

Round 3:  Alcantara has taken over the space with his jab.  Alcantara has chased Issa down and slams his fists down.  Issa's face is badly bloodied.  Alcantara uses the front kick and instantly follows with a flying knee.  Alcantara continues to hit combinations on Issa to close out the round.

Official decision:  Iuri Alcantara wins by unanimous decision.  

Warlley Alves vs Nordine Taleb 

Round 1:  Alves quickly comes on the offensive and brings Taleb down.  After a few strikes in the mount, Taleb gets up. Both men are circling and trying to find an opening. Alves hits a right hand that floors Taleb, but is not able to capitalize. Taleb tries for a takedown, but slips and Alves ends up going over him.  Alves throws some feints and has Taleb backing up in reaction to them.  

Round 2:  Alves throws a toe kick at the head of Taleb.  He is able to bring Taleb down and mounts.  He is smothering and flattening out.  Alves tries for a guillotine, but Taleb gets his head out and pushes Alves to the cage wall. Alves jumps and grabs a deep guillotine choke and drops Taleb to the ground.  Taleb taps out.

Official decision: Warlley Alves wins by submission due to guillotine at 4:11 of round 2.

Rafael Feijao vs Patrick Cummins

Round 1:  Both men square off and Cummins hits a double leg and tosses Feijao onto the mat.  Feijao braces against the cage and Cummins lifts and drops him again.  Feijao throws an elbow, but Cummins keeps hold on him and pushes Feijao to the canvas.  Feijao gets up and escapes the grip of Cummins.  They square off for trading strikes. Feijao swings wide with a pair of hooks and a spinning back fist attempt.

Round 2:  Feijao hits a punch that opens a cut on Cummins that is bleeding badly.  Feijao tries for a haymaker and Cummins bowls him over with a big takedown.  Cummins is trying for effective ground and pound, but Feijao is fighting well with upkicks and punches.  A momentary stop to check the bleeding on Cummings, then they reenter the fight.  Feijao hits a huge upkick and stands up, but loses his mouthpiece so there is another short stoppage.  Feijao is breathing heavy at the end of the round. 

Round 3:  Immediately in round 3, Cummins brings Feijao down with a huge slam and pummels him
with elbows.  Feijao bleeds badly and loses his mouthpiece as the referee moves in to stop the fight. 

Official decision: Pat Cummins wins by TKO from elbows at 45 seconds of round 3.

Demian Maia vs Neil Magny

Round 1:  Maia attempts a takedown, but Magny flattens out and ends up pushing Maia down instead.  Maia is able to reverse and get his takedown after all.  Maia is hitting downwards, but Magny is avoiding a majority.  Maia is hitting Magny and repositions for an armbar attempt, but Magny holds it off until the end of the round.

Round 2:  Maia takes him down right away and hits multiple times.  Maia locks a body triangle and goes for a rear-naked choke.  Magny holds it off, but can not remove the body triangle. Maia gets the rear-naked choke back in and taps Magny out.

Official decision: Demian Maia wins by tap out due to rear naked choke at 2:52 of round 2.

UFC 190 Main Card

Claudia Gadelha vs Jessica Aguilar

Could this be a prelude to the next
title match against Jedrzejcyk?

Round 1:  Gadelha comes out quickly with jabs and hooks.  Gadelha knees Aguilar in the face.  Consistent trading of shots between both women.  Aguilar is standing stiff in front of Gadelha, while Gadelha shifts around.  Hard kick to the body by Gadelha.  Aguilar moves in for a body blow, but Gadelha strikes with a knee to get her away.  Small cut on the cheekbone of Aguilar and bleeding from the nose.  Gadelha lifts Aguilar and takes her down.  Gadelha locks her legs around the body of Aguilar, but does not have any strikes or submission attempts. Aguilar ends the round with Gadelha on her back, but is punching backwards.

Round 2:  Gadelha his a combination of punches and rocks Aguilar backwards.  Gadelha chases Aguilar down with punches and kicks her against the cage.  Gadelha slams Aguilar down again.  Both women enter the exchange in the stand up and are boxing, but Gadelha continues to really control the space and hammer Aguilar with strikes.  The round closes out with Gadelha shooting a takedown and slamming her into the corner of the cage and the floor with a hard impact.

Round 3:  Both women are trading blows in the center. Aguilar is showing how tough she is by weathering this storm and still striking back.  Very close trading of punches from both women.  Gadelha shoots the takedown and slams Aguilar down again.

Official decision:  Claudia Gadelha wins by unanimous decision.

Antonio Silva vs Soa Palelei

Round 1:  Bigfoot hits a knee on Palelei, but Palelei grabs the leg and tries for a takedown.  Silva fights it off and lands a chopping right to the head of Palelei.  Silva whiffs an uppercut, but hits another knee to the body.  Silva uses a hip toss to throw Palelei and mounts.  He is grappling against the body to get a good position.  Palelei reverses position and closes the round out with stiff forearms to Silva.

Round 2:  Silva hits an uppercut and shoots in with a series of knees and uppercuts.  He increases the frequency and hammers down until Palelei collapses early in the second round and the referee moves in to stop the fight.

Official decision:  Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva wins by TKO at 41 seconds of round 2.

Stefan Struve vs Minotauro Nogueira

Round 1:  Big Nog moves in and clinches Struve against the cage and uses knees to strike.  Struve pushes him off and hits a right straight, but Nogueira moves in for another clinches and gets shots in close.  Struve pushes him off and hits a pair of hard punches to the face. Struve opens up much more in the later half of the round. Stiff leg kicks and hard punches. Nogueira comes back with a series of hooks to the face.

Round 2:  Nogueira pushes Struve back and hits a power shot to the face.  Nogueira gets behind him and takes Struve down.  He nearly gets the choke in, but Struve slides out and kicks Nogueira off of him.  Struve throws a hard head kick.  Struve gets a pair of straights that stagger Nogueira momentarily.  Nogueira hits an inside thigh leg kick, then Struve moves in for a big uppercut. Nogueira moves in nicely and clinches.  Struve hits a knee to the midsection right before the round ends.

Round 3:  Struve has a few shots, but Big Nog shoots a takedown across the entire octagon and takes Struve down.  Struve is up quickly and now peppering Nogueira with leg kicks.  Nogueira clinches and pushes to the cage. He is swinging upwards at the head, but missing a few because of the sheer distance.  Nogueira moves in for punches and Struve jabs hard. Struve lands three hard jabs and a hook.  Nogueira will not back down and keeps moving forward even though he continues to get pelted with these shots.  

Official decision: Stefan Struve wins by unanimous decision.

Reginaldo Vieira vs Dileno Lopes

Round 1:  Lopes opens up with multiple shots to the body of Vieira.  Vieira backs off and when Lopes moves in, Vieira jumps up and locks a guillotine.  Lopes pushes him down and is able to slip out, then locks in his own guillotine. Vieira lifts Lopes up and pops out. They fight off and then Lopes locks another guillotine.  Vieira escapes agains then they enter a stand up.  Vieira takes over in the striking and hits several shots on Lopes and bloodies him.

Round 2:  Lopes runs with a punch rush, but Vieira backs away and avoids it.  Vieira counter punches a shot, then feints the left before throwing a right hook.  Lopes kicks Vieira as Vieira swings a wide left hook that misses.  Lopes backs Vieira up with a roundhouse kick. Tight midrange distancing with their striking.  Lopes takes Vieira down and mounts.  Vieira is punching from below as Lopes puts his weight on him.  Lopes has taken hard shots and is bleeding around the eyes.

Round 3:  Lots of pacing and feinting to open this round. Lopes rushes in finally with hard punches and brings Vieira down.  Lopes locks a guillotine on Vieira and chokes him.  Vieira is bleeding badly, but then slips out.  Lopes throws upwards elbows, and both men and clubbing at each other ferociously.

Official decision:  Reginald Vieira wins by unanimous decision. 

Glaico Franca vs Fernando Bruno

Round 1:  Bruno attempts a takedown early and Franca defends it and takes his back.  Bruno grabs Franca's arm and pulls him over.  Bruno tries another takedown and momentarily gets it but Franca is up quickly.  Franca takes Bruno's back and brings him down. He is unable to lock in any submission attempts before the round ends, however.

Round 2:  Franca takes Bruno down, but Bruno is able to get on top. Franca fights out of it and in the stand up throws some strikes. Bruno tries for the takedown, but Franca rolls through and takes Bruno down instead.  Franca locks the body triangle on Bruno and is punching him in the head and attempts a rear-naked choke.  Bruno has tucked his chin to defend. 

Round 3:  Bruno comes out with wide strikes at Franca.  Franca pushes Bruno down from a takedown attempt, then slides down the cage himself. He is noticeably tired.  Franca may have hit an accidental low blow. The referee calls for a time out.  When restarted, Franca attacks with knees.  Franca takes his back and locks the body triangle.  Franca is unable to lock in any submissions, so he strikes to the head. After several shots, it opens up the arms and Franca is able to get the rear-naked choke for the tap out.

Official decision: Glaico Franca wins by tap out due to rear-naked choke at 4:46 of round 3.

Mauricio Rua vs Antonio Nogueira

Classy face-off

Round 1:  Rua hits a hook to the body, Nogueira throws hooks of his own.  Little Nog is countering against Rua's attacks, but isn't throwing much otherwise.  They have several striking trade offs, including a very hard kick to the body.  Rua takes a hard shot from Nogueira and is staggered, then Nogueira closes in and hits multiple shots against the cage.  Nogueira hits a knee but steps backwards across the octagon.  Rua fights back now, but Nogueira seems to have the advantage.

Round 2:  Rua starts with a leg kick, then takes Nogueira down.  Rua has his right arm trapped underneath Nogueira and is striking with his left.  Nogueira is fighting upwards, but Rua is keeping him down with ground and pound attacks.  Nogueira spins him around and pushes Rua.  They stand up and trade blows again.

Round 3:  Rua attempts the takedown but is fought off by Nogueira. After some striking, Rua tries the takedown again, but Nogueira stuffs it.  Rua gets several strikes in, but Nogueira locks in a guillotine choke. Rua is able to pull out of it and the round ends with a trading of strikes.

Official decision: Mauricio "Shogun" Rua wins by unanimous decision.

UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship: Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia

They are both intense!
This fight is personal.
Round 1:  Ronda moves in and swings a hook at Bethe. Ronda grabs Bethe by the head and unloads on her.  Bethe hits back with a few blows and Ronda attempts a throw, but pushes her off when she realizes she does not have it yet.  Ronda pins her to the cage wall and hits a hard knee in the midst of a flurry of strikes. Ronda hits a huge right hook and knocks Bethe Correia out.

Official decision: Ronda Rousey wins by knockout at 34 seconds of the first round.

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