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KO Coverage By A KO Look-A-Like: Bellator 138- Shamrock vs Slice & UFC Fight Night 69: Berlin- Jedrzejczyk vs Penne

A rare Friday-Saturday combo of KO Coverage all in one place.  Due to being on the West Coast of California, I can't do the usual live blog, but will be providing full play-by-play of the events of both the Bellator 138 and Fight Night Fight Pass exclusive fight cards.

A combined age of 92, but, hey, I wouldn't
want to fight either of them.
First up, is Bellator 138: Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock, with the most dangerous man on the planet (circa 1999) facing the baddest backyard warrior Youtube had ever seen.  Shamrock had some success in the WWE before returning to MMA to continue his legendary fighting career, but at 51 years of age can he still stand in the cage and fight like he used to?  Kimbo Slice never found huge success in the bright lights of the UFC's main stage, but he has high-level name recognition and instant stopping power. Will he be able to drop Shamrock?

Another WWE (and current TNA wrestler) fighter is also going to be in Bellator's cage on June 19th, and his name is Bobby Lashley.  Lashley has been a dominant force in MMA, carrying a 12-2 record, all while keeping a full schedule with TNA. 

And on June 20th, Joanna Jedrzejczyk defends her UFC Strawweight Championship against Jessica Penne.  Jedrzejczyk won the belt from previous titleholder Carla Esparza in a convincing fashion, overwhelming the former champ with vicious strikes.  

June 19th - Bellator 138

Michael Chandler v Derek Campos

Round 1:  Chandler quickly gets the takedown as the round begins and begins dropping hard fists.  Campos is nearly KO'd but survives the punches only to end up in the rear-naked choke.  Campos submits to the fierce hold. That's the 8th career first-round finish for former champ Chandler.

Official decision: Michael Chandler wins by submission at 2:17 of round 1.

Henry Corrales v Daniel Straus

Round 1:  Straus quickly gets a takedown on Corrales, but is not able to mount for any punches nor transition to any submissions.  Straus is moving Corrales against the cage to grind him down, but Corrales reverses positions and is now pushing Straus to the cage.  Straus gets away and is able to hit a big left to Corrales and dizzies his opponent.  Corrales is beginning to look limp and Straus is picking many shots to the head.  Corrales is able to get away and move to mid-ring, but is noticeably slower.  Straus gets a few more shots in, along with a guillotine attempt, but the bell ends the round.

Round 2 Corrales meets Straus in the middle and comes in with leg kicks, but lacks much power between them.  Straus is popping in and out of the pocket to land some hits and bounce back. Very aggressive outboxer style.  Straus gets a left uppercut to Corrales and sends him rocking back.  Straus is on him quickly and gets the body triangle to lock in his opponent.  Straus is trying for the rear-naked choke, but Corrales has turned his body well to negate the attempt.  Straus is unable to use the arm triangle to get another submission attempt as well.  Straus is now in full mount and gets some hits on Corrales.  He locks in the guillotine and Corrales taps out.

Official decision:  Daniel Straus wins by submission at 3:47 of round 2.

Sean Wilson v Justin Lawrence

Round 1:  Round opens with a sharp kick to the ribs by Lawrence.  Lots of trading quick shots in the center, but neither man is getting much force behind the shots overall.  Lawrence does a heel drop, but only gets a bit of it.  Left hook from Lawrence knocks Wilson down, but Wilson gets up. Lawrence brings him down again and is on top of Wilson in the back mount.  He gets a rear-naked choke on Wilson, but lost the position.  Lawrence is now in the full mount position and drops big elbows on Wilson.  The ref moves in to stop the strikes.  First round finish for Lawrence in his Bellator debut. 

Official decision:  Justin Lawrence wins by TKO due to unanswered strikes at 4:56 of round 1.

Bobby Lashley v Dan Charles

Cool kid Lashley with his baseball cap on

Round 1:   Lashley gets and early takedown with a few hard shots, but Charles is able to get up. Lashley throws a body shot in the stand up and noticeably affects Charles.  Next takedown goes against the cage and slowly grinds Charles down. Lashley has him pinned and is kneeing the back of Charles' thighs. Lashley holds Charles in a belly-to-back suplex position and lifts him up. Some nice hooks to the head by Lashley.  Combinations of knees to the back of Charles' leg and foot stomps and ruining the stand up.  Lashley lifts up Charles and throws him again. He isn't able to put him on his back, but has full control.  

Round 2:  Lashley hits a overhand strike and drops Charles backwards.  Charles tries a triangle choke and Lashley taps into his pro wrestling by powerbombing the man to the mat with fury.  The triangle breaks apart and Lashley continues to throw Charles down and pummel him with hooks.  Lashley with a fantastic slam and multiple hard hooks to the face.  Charles stands again, but Lashley continues to throw and rain punches down.  Lashley is now dropping hammer fists and full wind-up hooks to the face.  Charles keeps grabbing at the cage to try to illegally gain a form of leverage.  After a full minute of punishment with no fighting back, referee John McCarthy steps in to stop the fight.

Lashley says he is eyeing the Bellator Heavyweight title.
Is he planning to have a Severn run?

Official decision:  Bobby Lashley wins by TKO at 4:14 of round 2.

Bellator Featherweight Championship: Patricio "Pitbull" Freire v Daniel Weichel

Round 1:  Both men have squared off. Weichel with a big kick to the inner thigh. Fighters touch glove to show respect.  Pitbull tries a head kick, nearly gets tripped up, but stays up.  Weichel tries a toe kick to the stomach.  Pitbull is moving his hands and bouncing to keep in motion.  Weichel moves in with a one-two punch strike then attempts a knee to the face.  Only a light connection, but a nice combination.  Weichel gets a takedown, but is unable to keep Pitbull there.  Weichel swings wide with a haymaker and Freire ducks under it.  Pitbull does a flying knee strike and misses.  Not a lot of strikes, both fighters picking their shots.  The crowd is restless.  Weichel gets Pitbull with a big hook and rumbles him.  He could certainly have knocked him out and gotten the win, but the bell ended the round.  Very close.

Round 2:  Weichel comes in to try and finish what he started, but Pitbull fires a huge left hook followed by the right and floors Weichel.  Weichel is knocked smooth out.  Instant action in round 2.

Official decision:  Patricio "Pitbull" Freire retains his Bellator Featherweight Title by TKO at 0:32 of round 2.

Kyle Kurtz vs Adam Cella

Round 1:  Some stiff strikes start us off. Both fighters keeping close.  Cella gets pulled into a standing guilloting by Kurtz, but Cella slams him down and breaks the grip.  Cella is now in the mount and picking some shots. Kurtz has a good body triangle and is fighting back with some shots.  Kurtz's leg position is broken and Cella now has much more room to open up long strikes.  Cella has his forearm in Kurtz's throat and is wearing him down.  The referee forces them to restart in the standing position.  Cella drops Kurtz with a stiff hook and gets back on top of him.  Bell ends with him in the mounted position.

Round 2:  Cella comes out, locks Kurtz's head and uses knee strikes against the cage.  Cella brings Kurtz down and gets on top, smothering his head against his chest to bury him down.  Two hooks are thrown, Kurtz turns his head with them to glance the blows.  A shot upwards has bloodied Cella and he is bleeding all over Kurtz.  The ref breaks them up and makes them enter the stand up.  Cella's nose is swollen and likely broken.  After some trading of blows, Cella gets a takedown yet again and gets on top of Kurtz, but Kurtz finds the armbar and submits Cella.

Official decision:  Kyle Kurtz wins by armbar submission at 4:13 of round 2

Just announced: Legendary MMA fighter Tito Ortiz will face Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Liam McGeary for the title on September 19.

Kimbo Slice v Ken Shamrock

Shamrock enters with Road Warrior Animal to the classic pro wrestling anthem What A Rush and has his entrance song performed live.  Kimbo Slice comes out with a large chain around his neck and gets ready for the match.  Commentary talks up how legendary the fighting experience of Shamrock is, then talks about Slice saying that you don't necessarily need to be a great fighter, as long as you project upon people and make an impact.  Slice outweighs Shamrock buy over 28 pounds with a huge weight advantage.

Round 1:  Shamrock comes out with a takedown attempt. Slice holds it off and pushes back, and Shamrock uses an outside trip to bring him down. Slice is up quickly and both men are locked in the center of the ring.  Slice is pulling down on Shamrock's body, Shamrock is pulling on Slice's arm.  They separate and Shamrock gets an easy single leg takedown and locks in a choke on Slice.  He has it in and Slice rolls to his back and is held tightly.  Slice looks in bad shape in this choke, but Slice breaks free. Shamrock's strength is spent from trying to hold the choke and Kimbo is up and pounding him with punches.  Slice knocks him down with each shot and moves in on the downed Shamrock and the referee moves in to stop the action and prevent injury. Slice wins by TKO in round 1.

Kimbo PUNCH!
Yes. I'm saying Kimbo Slice is like Captain Falcon.
Official decision:  Kimbo Slice wins by TKO at 2:22 in round 1.

UFC Fight Night 69: Jedrzejczyk vs Penne

Lukasz Sajewski v Nick Hein

Round 1:  Men crash against one another. Sajewski really wants the takedown opportunity.  Sajewski lifts Hein up and brings him down, but Hein negates it by grasping the underhook on Sajewski's arm and flattening along with him. They stand up simultaneously.  Hein is now having more of a bounce in his step, certainly has loosened up.  Sajewski tries for a jab, but Hein counters him with a great shot and grapples him from behind.  Hein is grinding him against the cage, but Sajewski is able to turn to face Hein.  Sajewski gets off the cage and meets for the stand up and tries for a head kick.  Hein has found his range and is getting more shots in.  The round ends with Hein looking like he has entered his favored pace.

Round 2:  Sajewski tries to push back Hein early on.  Hein is sizing out the range, as is Sajewski.  Lots of feints and circling, both men seem a bit trepidatious.  Sajewski moves for an overhand, but Hein avoids. Hein gets a leg kick the Sajewski reacts to, then shortly after nearly trips Sajewski.  Hein gets a body lock and pushes him to the cage and throws a few hooks to the body.  In the following stand off, Sajewski tries to rush towards Hein, but stumbles. He is definitely being effected by the picked shots by Hein.

Round 3:  Early in the final round, Sajewski tries to get close, and Hein pushes him away. He inadvertently poked Sajewski's eye. Sajewski takes a moment and the ref urges him to return to the fight.  He moves in, but Hein is ready for him. Sajewski is trying several shots towards Hein, but can not land on Hein's moving target.  Hein hops in and lands two shots, then a moment laters pops in and does it again.  Sajewski tries to swing a punch and a toe kick, but misses entirely.  Hein is reading Sajewski's moves and dancing around him while waving him forward and occasionally tagging him with a counter shot.  The fight ends with Hein raising his arms in victory.

Official decision:  Sgt. Nick Hein wins by unanimous 30-27 decision.

Peter Sobatta v Steve Kennedy

Round 1:  Sobatta takes a few shots. Kennedy attempts the takedown.  He has Sobatta pinned to the cage, but is not throwing any offense.  Sobatta underhooks his arm and takes Kennedy down.  Sobatta is looking for the rear-naked choke.  Kennedy tries to fight it off, but Sobatta succeeds in locking it in and taps him out.  This is the sixth straight win by RNC for Sobatta.

Official decision: Peter Sobatta wins by submission via rear-naked choke at 2:57 of round 1.

Dennis Siver v Tatsuya Kawajiri

Round 1:  Kawajiri comes in with a spinning jump kick and swings in with a punch.  Kawajiri tries another jumping kick, and gets hit with a counter punch from Siver. Not all of it landed, but a nice graze.  Kawajiri attempts the takedown, and Siver drops his weight and has an amazing takedown defense.  Siver breaks free and gets another head strike.  Both men move in close and trade a flurry of punches, but seem unfazed. Another takedown attempt by Kawajiri, but is stuffed again.  Siver lands a nice spinning kick, but Kawajiri seems to not be too damaged by it.  Kawajiri tries another takedown and pins Siver to the cage.  Kawajiri holds Siver's leg, but Siver is able to get free yet again. A perfect takedown defense so far.  Kawajiri tries again for the takedown, but Siver nearly grasps a guillotine choke.  Kawajiri finally gets the takedown on Siver, but the round ends.

Round 2:  Kawajiri lunges in with some punch attempts. Kawajiri now tries the spinning elbow.  Both men do a leg kick at the same time.  Kawajiri attempts a spinning back kick, but Siver ducks under and knocks him over instead. Siver does not capitalize and Kawajiri gets up quickly and tries another takedown.  Siver holds off the takedown for a while, but Kawajiri repositions and brings Siver down as he shakes his arms about in worry. Kawajiri is controlling Siver on the ground. Siver nearly breaks free, but Kawajiri kicks off of the cage and jumps back on top of Siver to finish out the round.

 Round 3:  Kawajiri tries the spinning back fist and the takedown again, but Siver stops both.  Kawajiri tries the takedown and is trapped in a guillotine by Siver.  Kawajiri enters the half-guard position and gets his head out of the guillotine.  Siver tries his own spinning back kick, but misses Kawajiri.  Siver gets around Kawajiri and takes his back, but is unable to hold him.  Kawajiri continues to get stuffed in his takedowns, but as last round showed, the payoff can yield some dividends so he keeps trying the same plan.  Siver has caught him in another guillotine attempt and Kawajiri lifts him and drops down.  Kawajiri is able to climb over Siver's legs and break the guillotine again.  Kawajiri is in the mount, but Siver is punching upwards with hooks more than Kawajiri is able to drive any ground and pound.

Official decision:  Tatsuya Kawajiri wins by unanimous decision (29-28).

Joanna Jedrzejczyk v Jessica Penne

Jedrzejczyk says she likes to look into her opponent's
eyes before a fight and see their fear.
Penne did not back down. Tense face off.

Round 1:  Joanna is moving in with jabs. Her strikes are sharp and scary, as she showed in her dominance of former champ Carla Esparza.  Penne tries a takedown, but shoots high to the body, attempting a judo throw style.  JJ fights it off with strikes. Penne tries a throw again, but Joanna defends it and does her best to keep her feet while striking to keep Penne back.  Joanna's knees are shaky against the cage, more from trying to change position in an awkward stance than anything.  JJ hits an elbow to knock Penne away.  Penne has been trying the grappling and takedown attempts the whole round, but JJ is strong at defending it.  Joanna cracks a right uppercut that knocks Penne to the canvas, then is on top of her and throwing strikes.  Penne covers her head well and JJ backs away and throws soccer kicks at the downed Penne.  The ref forces Penne to stand up, and right before the end of the round, Penne grabs JJ's head and throws her with a hip toss.

Round 2:  JJ tries to lock against Penne and grapple with her. Penne tries to reach back to throw her, and Jedrzejczyk kicks her in the face.  Penne is bleeding from her nose.  JJ has a vicious series of strikes once she gets Penne against the cage.  Penne is bleeding everywhere. Penne fights hard and grapples Jedrzejczyk, but is kicked in the head yet again.  JJ grabs her and delivers a series of knees and is just busting Penne's nose apart.  Penne enters an almost sadistic stance, slowly sliding forward with her arms hanging at her side as Penne backs away.  Penne backs into the cage and JJ is on her immediately and strikes her multiple times again. Thirty seconds left and Jedrzejczyk is pounding on Penne.  Penne grabs onto Jedrzejczyk and tries to throw her, but JJ locks her legs around Penne's body and hangs onto her.

Penne got brutalized in round 2.
The Champion is a strong competitor.

Round 3: Penne came in and is jabbing at the champ.  She is fighting incredibly bravely after being busted apart last round.  Jedrzejczyk is picking her shots and throwing Penne into the garbage disposal any time she gets too close.  Penne tries to shoot an ankle takedown, but JJ flattens out and punches her in the face while she is on the mat.  Jedrzejczyk hits jabs if Penne tries to stay back, and crushes in with elbows when she gets close.  Penne ends up against the cage again and JJ hits a huge right hook and knees Penne in the face and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.  Jedrzejczyk jumps onto the cage and screams into the camera "I said it was gonna be a war and that was war! Who's next?"

Vicious strikes and complete confidence.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk stands atop the Strawweights.

Official decision: Joanna Jedrzejczyk wins by TKO at 4:22 of round 3.

When Jedrzejczyk is asked who she thinks will be a good fight for her, she says "Are they ready for me? No. I put on a great performance and everyone was talking about her judo jiu jitsu, I fought with... Carla Esparza, she supposed to be the greatest one in Strawweight division. No one is gonna take this belt from me."

My Picks:
Fight of the Weekend:  Joanna Jedrzejczyk v Jessica Penne
KO of the Weekend: Patricio Pitbull sharp KO punch to retain Bellator Featherweight title
Submission of the Weekend: Michael Chandler with the rear-naked choke.

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