Monday, July 16, 2012

The Top (Arguably) Ten Shonen Anime Themes

  People love top ten lists... they really do. I've slowly realized that I am drawn to them even if the subject matter isn't particularly engrossing. Last week I was perusing the internet and found good ol' Nostalgia Critic doing a Top Ten F*ck Yeah Theme Songs (literally named this way). Which got me to thinking about anime related theme songs or just regular music in anime, specifically in the shonen genre. The genre lends itself to some great visuals and over dramatic situations, the music surely has to follow suit right? As I took a stroll down memory lane, I found out this was exactly the case, and I've decided to dig up the Top Ten (Arguably, of course) Shonen Anime Themes.

Who will make the cut!?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Truly Amazing

  Not even one week after I said I was keeping these short... ay ay ay! And "The Amazing Spider-Man" comes along. A movie that by no stretch of the imagination was going to be a small splash this Summer, but had become sort of a small blip in my movie radar. I knew I was going to go watch it, mind you, just because I love me some Spidey; but there was something about this movie that didn't click with me during the trailers. And man, I'm glad my hunch was wrong this time. Dead wrong.

Also known as: The Quirky, The Flexible and The Emotional Spider-Man.

Monday, July 2, 2012

UTF's Royal Ramble

Errrmeeegheddd sshhuu teeerrrddd!!!
Been gone for a hot minute.

  Ok, so here's the update! I'm co-hosting a wrestling podcast with UTF (his Twitter username @IAmNotImportant) and we just unleashed episode 2. One more and we'll start going to iTunes :O! Here's the link for both his blog and the podcast: