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KO Coverage By A KO Look-A-Like: UFC on Fox 16: Chicago- Dillashaw vs Barao 2

UFC comes to mainstream TV and brings a title fight with it.  UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw defends his title against the man who he defeated to earn it, Renan Barao.  Barao is a warrior who has pummeled opponents in the octagon, but looks to avenge his loss to Dillashaw and regain what he feels is his belt.

A hotly awaited rematch for the championship!
In the co-main event, Miesha "Cupcake" Tate takes on Jessica "Evil" Eye in a women's bantamweight title match which will see the winner taking on the champion in her next fight.  Which means the winner will be watching to see their opponent decided next week at UFC 190 when Ronda Rousey defends against Bethe Correia.

Joe Lauzon vs Takanori Gomi

Round 1:  Both men swat at each other and Gomi uses some range to try to hit Lauzon.  Lauzon throws a punch of his own and then takes Gomi down.  Gomi is twisted up and taking hard shots from Lauzon.  Lauzon climbs onto his back and flattens Gomi out and swings wide shots to the back of Gomi's head and knocks Gomi out.  Lauzon gets off of Gomi before the referee even moves in to stop the fight.

Official decision:  Joe Lauzon wins by TKO at 2:27 of round 1.

Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder

Round 1:  Felder reaches out with a jab, Barboza swings a haymaker hook, but misses.  Felder hits a hard leg kick, and a left hook to the eye.  Felder going for some more jabs, but Barboza lays in some hard kicks. Barboza's eye is swelling up quickly.  Barboza throws a straight kick to the midsection, then goes back to the leg kicks.  Felder checks a leg kick and Barboza definitely felt it.  Barboza now does a spinning back fist and it is only partially blocked by Felder.  That has staggered him and caused some damage. Barboza goes for a spinning back kick now and ends up striking Felder in the groin. Felder comes back after the recovery time and tries for some jabs again as the first round ends. Both men touch gloves to show no hard feelings are harbored.

Round 2:  Barboza goes for another spinning kick and just misses. Felder moves in swinging wide hooks at Barboza.  Felder throws a spinning back fist and it cracks against Barboza's head.  Both men are trying to get in with some hard shot, but narrowly missing, until Barboza cracks a quick kick across Felder's chest.  Felder moves in with a jab quickly followed by a spinning elbow.  Barboza is slowing down and shoots a takedown, but Felder pushes it off.  Barboza is backing up and striking out with quick kicks. Felder rushes in with a flying knee that connects to Barboza, but Barboza stands and weathers it.  Barboza strikes out with a spinning back fist and Felder ducks under it.

Round 3:  Barboza uses a kick to the body and connects well.  He is seeing more clearly now.  Felder is feinting some big kicks, but it backfires as Barboza lands a straight to his chin.  Heavily striking with almost no grappling besides the takedown attempt in the second round.  Felder and Barboza throw kicks that ricochet off one another.  Felder throws an overhand right that connects with the top of Barboza's skull, then nearly lands a knee to the face.  Barboza defends a takedown attempt but is pushed across the ring by Felder and against the cage. Barboza breaks free and sweep kicks Felder down.

Official decision: Edson Barboza wins by unanimous decision.

Miesha Tate vs Jessica Eye

Can Evil measure up to Cupcake?

Round 1:  Eye hits several snapping jabs to the face of Tate right off the bell.  Tate tries to exchange punches, but is struck multiple times by Eye.  Tate tries for a straight head kick, but doesn't get all of it, and Eye replies with a flurry of strikes to the face.  Tate is circling, looking to catch Eye off guard.  Tate tries for a hook and is counter-punched by Eye.  Tate uses a leg kick then circles again.  Tate swings an uppercut and gets Eye to back away.  Tate tries for a takedown, but is pushed off. Tate then lands a jab to the face, followed shortly after by a hard shot that knocks Eye down.  Tate gets on top of Eye and tries to get in her attacks.  Eye is locking her legs around Tate's to keep in a half-guard position.  Tate is dropping elbows.  Eye has some blood in her mouth.

Round 2:  Eye opens with a leg kick.  Both women kick at the same time and their knees clash.  Tate tries for a heavy uppercut, but just misses.  Tate shoots in and clinches with Eye against the cage. Eye fires back with elbows and knees to get Tate off of her.  Tate tries for a kick, but her foot is caught by Eye who swings punches out. Tate pulls her foot free and lands a hard strike to Eye again.  Tate lands a hard shot to the neck and gets Eye down again.  Tate moves in to mount, but Eye locks her head in a triangle.  Tate escapes, but Eye tries to reapply the choke from underneath.  Tate is now firmly on top of Eye's half-guard and slamming the body with continual elbows to the ribs.  Eye reaches down to defend and Tate capitalizes by locking in a one-armed guillotine.  Eye has taken heavy damage from the strikes to the ribs and is nearly choked out by the guillotine, but makes it to the bell.

Round 3:  Tate comes in with a quick trade of punches and kicks. Eye is much slower than in the opening round, but is tapping her feet to get back into her striking rhythm.  Eye lands a solid kick at the head, but Tate stands strong.  Eye is moving back a bit more and striking in counter shots.  Tate shoots and takes Eye down. Eye locks around her arm to hold her back, but Tate is able to take her back and begins to grapevine around Eye's body.  Tate hooks her left leg out and kicks against Eye's body. She lifts up and kicks Eye in the head.  The referee stands them up and Tate goes for the takedown again, but Eye holds her off this time and drops a forearm against Tate's head.

Official decision:  Miesha Tate wins by unanimous decision.

UFC Bantamweight Championship: TJ Dillashaw v Renan Barao

Ferocity personified.
Art property of @BlastedMMA

Round 1:  Dillashaw comes out confident against Barao, smiling.  Dillashaw is swaying, but not striking out much.  Barao tries a kick, but rethinks and slides backwards.  Barao moves in and Dillashaw counter-punches.  Dillashaw hits hard to the body and shortly after to the head.  Dillashaw has Barao against the cage and knees Barao in the stomach.  Dillashaw unloads several compacted hooks to the body on Barao.  Dillashaw kicks Barao in the ribs as Barao kicks Dillashaw in the legs and Dillashaw goes to the ground.  Dillashaw is turned to the side and is punching out with flicker jabs from hitman style.  Barao hooks at Dillashaw and misses as Dillashaw smiles confidently.  Barao swings wide with a high kick.  Dillashaw continues to counter Barao's attacks.  Barao hits some strikes to Dillashaw, but Dillashaw motions for more while seemingly laughing.

Round 2:  Dillashaw lands a few strikes on Barao, but Barao holds off the takedown attempt.  Barao succeeds in getting a takedown, but Dillashaw is up quickly.  Dillashaw pins Barao to the cage and steps on Barao's feet and kneeing him in the legs.  Barao lands a nice shot to get Dillashaw away, but his legs were wobbly as he chased after Dillashaw.  Barao hits Dillashaw and knocks him backwards, but Dillashaw is up quickly again.  Dillashaw tries an overhand right, but Barao counters with a tight uppercut.  Dillashaw tries another takedown and Barao defends the takedown again.  Barao has still never been taken down in his career.

Round 3:  The round opens with Dillashaw throwing multiple punches to Barao's head and body.  Barao tries a spinning kick and Dillashaw avoids.  Dillashaw defends a takedown and tries to take Barao's back, but is not able to grab a hold of Barao.  Dillashaw pins Barao to the cage and pummels with strikes while smothering Barao.  Barao pushes down on Dillashaw and Dillashaw begins to strike the body instead of the head, but Barao tries to get a guillotine.  Dillashaw moves away instantly.  They exchange in the center and Dillashaw lands an uppercut that leaves Barao hurt.

Round 4: We enter the Championship rounds with Dillashaw pinning in on Barao and unloading with furious strikes. His strikes are hammering Barao continuously against the cage. Barao strikes out to defend, but Dillashaw avoids and strikes five times for every attempted strike from Barao. Referee Herb Dean stops the fight as Dillashaw raises his hands in victory.

Street Fighter announcer be like: 15 hit combo! MARVELOUS!

Official decision: TJ Dillashaw wins by TKO due to punches at 37 seconds of round 4.

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