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KO Coverage By A KO Look-A-Like: UFC Fight Night 68: Boetsch vs Henderson

Hendo comes into NOLA to face a Barbarian!  Dan Henderson faced Tim Boetsch in a Middleweight bout! Who will win?

Also, Ben Rothwell faced Matt Mitrione in a ranker's war in the Heavyweight division that proved to be an impressive performance and Dustin Poirier looked to solidify his move into the Lightweight division after a tough loss to Conor MacGregor. 

Despite having no women's fights on the card and Daniel Cormier v Ryan Bader being canceled so Cormier could win the belt two weeks ago, we should have another great night of fights!

Leonardo Morales v Jose Quinonez

Morales comes to the ring wearing a hockey mask, trying to build some of that Friday the 13th fear. Quinonez comes out much more straightforward with his hoodie on.  Let's see how these Bantamweights match up.

Round 1:  Quinonez comes out with a series of kicks, then moves in working for the takedown. He wrestles Morales to the mat after a minute of grinding. Quinonez dropping knees on the back of Morales' thighs.  Quinonez uses his position to get around to the back and grab him. He locks in the rear-naked choke, but Morales breaks the grip. After an elbow, Quinonez gets the rear-naked choke locked in again and Morales taps out.

Official decision: Jose Quinonez wins by submission with a rear-naked choke at 3:38 into round 1.

Ricardo Abreu v Jake Collier

Round 1: Abreu starts off with hard shots to Collier's face. Collier fights back and hits a few punches after backing up so he can use his reach advantage.  Abreu rushes in through the space and gets in close with his fists.  Abreu grips Collier and pins him to the cage, but Collier pushes off.  Collier tries to rush in and make it an in-fight, but Abreu tags him three times forcing Collier to go back to using the reach.  Collier puts out a stiff head kick roundhouse, but Abreu blocks it and pushes in for a takedown attempt but is unable to get it. Collier is using the kicks followed by running punch rushes.  Most of this round is circling with light punching and kicks.

Round 2:  Collier opens with a jab then tries for the flying knee. Abreu counters with a shot to the head.  Both men's noses are bloody, Abreu looks a bit worse for wear. Abreu is holding Collier against the cage, but doesn't have the position nor the power to throw Collier. Collier gets away from the cage and rushes in and throws a spinning back fist. Collier hits a strong straight right on Abreu.  Collier moves for a punch, but Abreu rushes in for the takedown. Abreu can't get great position, so he hits tough hooks to Collier's ribs.

Round 3:  Collier coming out with toe kicks against Abreu.  Abreu throws a one-two punch combination and rushes another takedown, turning and brings Collier down.  Collier is able to get up so Abreu cannot use his Jiu-Jitsu skills on the ground.  Nice timing for Collier with a leg kick as Abreu shoots another takedown, almost tripping him.  Abreu is able to take another shot and brings Collier down, but can't keep him there.  Collier meets the stand up at the end of the round with Abreu. He lands a great uppercut on Abreu and they close out the round with a great flurry of strikes.

Official decision:  Jake "The Prototype" Collier wins by split decision.

Fox Sports 1 Prelims-
Joe Proctor v Justin Edwards

Round 1:  Edwards pins Proctor to the cage and applies pressure. Proctor fires off some defensive knee strikes and Edwards drops down, but doesn't let off. Edwards gets a takedown, but doesn't keep him there.  Both men up and circling for striking opportunities. Edwards tries for a fast spin kick, but misses.

Round 2:  Edwards clearly the aggressor. Many more striking attempts.  Proctor gets held up as Edwards delivers multiple knees to him. Proctor stumbles back for a moment, but recovers.  So far this fight, Proctor is more accurate but doing much less, while Edwards is missing often while getting more overall strikes.  Edwards tries for the takedown, but Proctor fights it off and bounces about the octagon to regain his rhythm.  Edwards swings wide with the roundhouse, and is unable to deliver any damage before the round ends.

Round 3:  Both men move in close and trade strikes near the cage. Proctor is adding in more feints and causing Edwards to be more cautious.  Minimal trading of strikes for a few minutes. Edwards is able to get a takedown, but Proctor nearly applies the guillotine choke. Both men on the stand-up, and Proctor gets in a nice head kick.  Edwards with another wide spinning kick and Proctor catches him in a guillotine choke.  He lifts Edwards' body, but Edwards pulls to the ground. Proctor puts Edwards to sleep and wins with the choke with two seconds left in round 3.

Official decision: Joe Proctor wins by guillotine choke submission at 4:58 of round 3.

Chris Wade v Christos Giagos

Round 1:  Wade pushes in, but Giagos nearly gets a takedown because of his impatience. Wade pressuring Giagos. Nearly gets his own takedown.  Giagos throws a heavy hook, but Wade steps back. Giagos grabs Wade's left leg, but cannot get the takedown either.  Giagos hits hard on Wade and drives him against the cage with a flying knee. Wade survives the assualt and uses a judo flip. Giagos gets up and Wade uses a leg kick, which takes Giagos to a knee.  Giagos is caught off guard and holds up his hands to keep Wade back.

Round 2: Wade holding Giagos' head and hitting punches on the top of his skull.  Giagos breaks out and Wade holds his arms at his side and gets punched in the nose. Giagos applies a guillotine but can't keep the grip.  Giagos keeps control on Wade and holds him and applies more choking attempts. Wade has escaped and is now pushing for a guillotine of his own.

Round 3:  Giagos gets his legs locked around Wade's head, but cannot apply a triangle.  Wade escapes and moves into the mount.  Wade is dropping shots on Giagos and has him bloodied.  Wade has dominated this round. Giagos is striking back as fierce as he can. They close out the round and go to decision.

Official decision: Chris Wade wins by unanimous decision.

Brian Ebersole v Omari Ahkmedov

Round 1:  Ebersole standing oddly upright and throwing punches. He goes for a sweep but trips himself, but Ahkmedov does not try to capitalize.  Circling with punches and occasional leg kicks. Ahkmedov gets one hard kick to the knee. The rest of the round continues with minimal attacking.  Not the most exciting match. Let's see how it continues.

It seems Ebersole may have dislocated his knee from that kick.  The match is called with a TKO.

Official decision: Omari Ahkmedov wins by TKO at the end of round 1.

Shawn Jordan v Derrick Lewis

Round 1:  Lewis moves in with a head kick. Lewis is swarming Jordan against the cage, but Jordan gets a foot around and takes Lewis down.  Standing back up, Lewis is going for big strikes, but Jordan avoids most then gets the takedown.  Jordan takes the back and tries for some punches, but Lewis powers up to his feet.  Jordan tries for another take down and, with a minute left, they trade huge strikes in the center of the octagon. The two men separate and Jordan gets another takedown and drops fists on him from behind as the clock runs out on round 1.

Round 2:  Jordan hits a hard heel kick to Lewis' face then takes him down and delivers a deluge of strikes. The ref moves in to stop the beating as Lewis is obviously unable to defend himself.

Official decision:  Shawn "Savage" Jordan wins by TKO at 48 seconds into round 2.

Francisco Rivera v Alex Caceres

Round 1:  Caceres moves in but Rivera hits a huge counter punch. Rivera moves in an smashes on Caceres until the ref stops the bout. Lightning fast!

Official decision:  Francisco Rivera wins by KO at 21 seconds into round 1.

Joe Soto v Anthony Birchak

Round 1:  Birchak keeps feinting at Soto, and Soto is jumping back from them.  Birchak rushing in and throwing big hits.  Birchak knocks Soto down and pummels him unconscious. Soto has not moved since the ref stopped the fight.

Official Decision:  Anthony Birchak wins by KO at 1:37 into round 1.

Thiago Tavares v Brian Ortega

Round 1:  Tavares shoots an early takedown and is able to bring Ortega down. While beneath, Ortega locks legs around Tavares and looks for submissions from his back. Tavares throwing ground and pound down to Ortega, but needing to be somewhat conservative to avoid Ortega's submission counter attempts.  Ortega grabs an armbar, but Tavares tries to move out. Ortega changes position and now has the mount on Tavares. Tavares has been busted open and bloody.  Tavares gets up and takes Ortega from behind and throws him.  Now he is pinning Ortega to the cage on his side so that he cannot use as much of his ground defense.  Both men get up, and Ortega rushes in with a few body shots. Tavares gets another takedown and closes out the round with big hits.

Round 2:  Ortega hits a hard backhand and puts Tavares down.  Tries to capitalize, but Tavares recovers quickly.  Tavares now has a mount on Ortega and is hitting more ground and pound.  Ortega gets a loose guillotine choke and begins to stand, but Tavares throws him down. Ortega is looking for a triangle, but Tavares repositions and hammers on Ortega's face.  Hard shots rain upon Ortega.  Ortega slides his body down and puts his face into Tavares' chest, so Tavares moves for the stand-up and Ortega grapevines his leg and tries to submit.  Tavares gets back on the ground and pound and is just pouring blood from when Ortega busted him in round 1.  Ortega is covered in blood and none of it is his own.

Round 3:  They are barely able to close up Tavares' bloody face so he may continue.  Fighting a bit more cautiously so he is not busted open again.  Tavares moves in and knees Ortega in the groin. Ortega takes a minute to recover, but comes back in.  Ortega attempts a spinning double kick and when he misses, he grabs Tavares by the head.  Tavares takes him from behind and grips his waist while pinning him to the cage.  Ortega with a crisp straight left to Tavares that knocks the mouthpiece from his mouth.  Ref pauses the match so Tavares gets the mouthpiece back into his mouth.  Ortega tags him with a big hook and knocks Tavares down. Ortega jumps on top of him and strikes until the referee calls it. Ortega wins by KO in the third round.

Official decision:  Brian "T-City" Ortega wins by TKO with 48 seconds left in round 3

Dustin Poirier v Yancy Medeiros

Round 1:  Poirier gets a clean shot on Medeiros and knocks him down.  With every shot, Medeiros is stumbling about the octagon and nearly knocked out. Poirier gets behind him and locks the figure four bodylock on him to continue punishing. Medeiros gets up and Poirier is on him again, with hard hits against the cage. The ref steps in to stop the fight.

Official decision:  Dustin Poirier wins by TKO at 2:48 of round 1.

Ben Rothwell v Matt Mitrione

Round 1: Mitrione is bouncing back and forth finding a fast rhythm for the attack. He rushes in with Rothwell, but Rothwell overpowers and hits a punch rush on him. Mitrione puts on his arm to hold back Rothwell. Mitrione shoots for a takedown but Rothwell drops the hips and has excellent takedown defense. Rothwell shoots a hawkeye guillotine and makes Mitrione tap out.

Official decision:  Ben Rothwell wins at 1:54 of round 1 with the guillotine choke.

Rothwell goes kayfabe and shoots off with WWE heel promo gold and says he want the title.

Tim Boetsch v Dan Henderson

Round 1:  The fighters come out and Henderson hits a great right hand and crumpled Boetsch, then Henderson grabbed onto his head and delivered punch after punch. Dan Henderson wins by knockout. He's still got it, in case you forgot!

Official decision:  Dan Henderson wins by knockout at 28 seconds of the first round.

My picks:
Fight of the Night:  Brian Ortega v Thiago Tavares
KO of the Night: Anthony Birchak
Submission of the Night: Jose Quinonez

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