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KO Coverage By A KO Look-A-Like: UFC Fight Night 67: Condit vs Alves

Another night full of fights! While there's only one huge name fighting, this Brazilian-stacked card taking place in Goiania should have plenty of warriors working to make a major statement.

The Natural Born Killer vs The Pitbull
Condit travels to Brazil to reinvigorate his stake as a top welterweight

Carlos "The Natural Born Killer" Condit (29-8, rank #4) tries to rebuild some momentum towards earning a title shot in the welterweight division as he takes on "Pitbull" Thiago Alves (26-9, rank #12) who is on a two-fight win streak.

Nik Lentz (27-6-2, rank #9) and Charles Oliveira (19-4, rank #8) face off in a Featherweight bout to move up the ranks and earn a chance to call out the winner of the hugely anticipated Aldo v MacGregor UFC Featherweight Championship match.

See who comes out on top with live update coverage on all the hits and submissions.

Martins v Bektic

Round 1: Big right hands traded. Bektic shoots a great double-leg takedown and lifts Martins high into the air. Bektic brings him down hard and grinds his head into Martins' chest. Bektic throws wild hands, but is not able to land many. Martins is able to get off his back and tries to get up, but Bektic is quickly onto his back and throws vicious hooks to the face. Martins is bleeding above the eye, a terrible thing to have happen so early in the match. Martins is able to finally escape with three minutes left in the match and throws a few lefts to keep Bektic away. It doesn't work and Bektic shoots another takedown and grapevines his leg over Martins to flatten him out. Martins is starting to fade, he looks exhausted from this hellacious onslaught Bektic is unleashing. The round ends with Bektic mashing Martins into the corner.

Round 2: Bektic starts the round with a hard double-leg takedown and throws punch after punch into Martins' face. Martins has the guard up but Bektic strikes through them with fury. The ref stops the fight at 30 seconds into round 2.

Bektic must have been mad to not get the finish in round 1
because he came out ferociously in round 2

Official decision:  Mirsad Bektic wins by TKO with 4:30 left in round 2.

Dalby v dos Santos

Round 1: The round kicks off with both men circling and sizing each other up with jabs. Two minutes pass with minimal action, just simple jabs. Dalby shoots a takedown and holds dos Santos down. The ref separates them as neither man was doing any action in the mount, with dos Santos not trying to escape, and Dalby winding down the clock without throwing mounted strikes. The stand up begins and Dalby throws a high kick and some strikes. Zaleski dos Santos hits a big fist into Dalby and pushes him back, then goes for a spinning heel kick. Dalby ducks it and gains another takedown on dos Santos. Dos Santos gets up, but is pushed into the cage by Dalby and taken down again before the clock runs out on the round.

Round 2:  Very different start to the round with dos Santos getting big hits in on Dalby. Dalby drops back and tries a spinning heel kick of his own, but also misses. The Brazilian crowd is loving the offense from dos Santos. Dos Santos gets in with a big uppercut to the sternum and a front kick. Dalby rushes with a combination, but dos Santos sidesteps, then Dalby shoots yet another takedown. Dalby wraps his leg around dos Santos' and forces him to carry the weight as he pins him to the cage wall. Dos Santos turns it and makes it a striking game again. Back at the center on the octagon, dos Santos uses a huge spinning series of kicks like he's Ryu flying across the ring with a Tatsumaki. Dalby hits a low blow and dos Santos uses the time alloted to recover from the illegal blow. The round runs out with Dalby attempting another takedown, but this time dos Santos defends it masterfully.

Round 3: Dalby locks up dos Santos' left arm and pins him to the cage. Dos Santos throws wide swiping punches, looking a bit winded. Dalby tries to get in with kicks. He does not want to enter a punching competition with dos Santos. Dalby tries to grapple dos Santos and is pushed off and struck in the back of the head. Dos Santos gets some hits on Dalby, but Dalby rushes back with a combination and forces dos Santos back into the cage wall. Dalby locks arms around dos Santos' waist and throws him with a side suplex. Dos Santos fights from the beneath position and uses a kimura to flip positions and takes the mount. Dos Santos stands up to try and get momentum to earn a KO, but Dalby escapes and the round ends with a stand up exchange. This one goes to the scorecards.

Official decision:  Nicolas "Sharpshooter" Dalby wins by split decision

Formiga v Reis

Round 1: The flyweights start this off quickly, darting in and out on each other with strikes and stinging as they can. Reis rushes in with the more fierce fighter on offense, but Formiga is keeping him back with counter-punches. Reis throws a hard leg kick and Formiga answers with a straight to the head. Formiga moves in and locks the overhook holding both of Reis' arms. Reis attempts a flying knee strike and misses wide and Formiga locks him up again. Reis pins him to the wall and tries to take him down, but Formiga spins out and ends the round with Reis pinned to the wall instead.

Round 2: Reis is knocked down and Formiga is on top of him, bringing the strikes down. Reis springs up to escape but Formiga grabs him from behind and tries to lock in a choke. Reis with a brilliant escape allows him to turn it around and is now mounted on top of Formiga and throwing left hands striking Formiga in the temple. Formiga is able to get up, but is breathing heavier, noticeably feeling the damage from Reis' attack. Both men return to center octagon and Reis peppers Formiga with right hands. Reis shoots for a takedown, but Formiga defends yet is still forced into the cage wall. Reis attempts a leg trip, but Formiga evades it and gets a takedown of his own in return. Formiga is not able to deliver any damage in this mount, and Reis is up and ramming him to the wall again.

Round 3:  Both men are trepidatious this round as they know the scorecards are very close and don't want to give up this round. Minimal striking occuring in the middle of the ring. Three minutes have passed with only small strikes. The crowd is unhappy and booing both men. Reis tries a takedown, but has no force. The ref breaks them up for having no offense. Reis moves in on Formiga, but Formiga throws him with a hip toss. Formiga locks his arms around Reis' head, looking for a choke, but Reis blocks it. Formiga ends the round striking Reis in the head.

Official decision: Jussier Formiga wins by unanimous decision

Jason v Jackson

Round 1:  Jason starts off with a knee strike and pays for it as Jackson brings him down. Jackson pounds on Jason, but Jason uses great wrist control to hold back his strikes. Jackson holds Jason's head and delivers an illegal knee blow. Jason gets time to recover, and the match restarts. Jackson gets another takedown, but Jason counters with an armbar attempt. Jackson seems to be escaping, but Jason manuevers and transfers to a triangle choke. Jackson taps out and the crowd erupts for the hometown hero.

Official decision:  Rony Jason wins by triangle choke submission at 3:31 in round 1.

Update: June 18, 2015: Rony Jason's victory was overturned due to testing positive for banned substances. The match is declared a No Contest and Jason is suspended for nine months.

W. Oliveira v Till

Round 1:  Till starts off with a kick to the ribs. Oliveira goes for a spinning back fist, then shoots a takedown attempt. Till locks hands with him and holds him off, as Oliveira drives knees at Till and pins him to the cage. After a full minute pushed against the cage, Till reverses position, but breaks up the hold, getting away from the wall. Till keeps the distance with kicks. Oliveira tries to rush with haymakers, but Till sidesteps and keeps the kicks. Later in the round, Oliveira seems hesitant to rush in.

Round 2:  Till gets a takedown early and grinds down on Oliveira. Till drops huge elbows on Oliveira's skull. The referee stops the fight and Oliveira has still not gotten up. Till remains undefeated.

Official decision:  Darren Till wins by KO at 1:37 of round 2.

Trinaldo v Parke

Round 1:  Both men sizing each other up, closing in slowly. Trinaldo throwing big hooks. Stormin' Norman actually taunts him forward, waving him in. Parke hits a huge overhand right, then takes Trinaldo down. Trinaldo pinned to the cage and tries to stand, but Parke makes the change to lift him up and slam him on his head. Despite the huge slam, Trinaldo gets up rather quickly. Parke stays on him though and uses a judo throw to take Trinaldo down again. Parke is working to flatten Trinaldo out and really capitalize, but Trinaldo is using his energy to get up. It is his only choice to survive the fight, but this might cost him for later rounds.

Round 2:  Trinaldo opens this round with body shots. Parke tries the takedown and ends up grappling against Trinaldo. Trinaldo turns him and pins him against the cage and strikes with his knees. Much more striking from Trinaldo this round. Trinaldo fights off Parke's takedown attempt with hard knees. He has much more energy left than I thought he would. Trinaldo tries a double flying knee, but then Parke attempts another takedown. Trinaldo drops the hips and avoids the takedown masterfully. The match turns into boxing with a slow, methodical trading of punches by both men. Now, Trinaldo working in some leg kicks, hitting several shots on Parke's right leg, which is now bright red. Trinaldo attempts a takedown, but Parke avoids and reverses it to close out the round.

Round 3:  Striking trade-offs starting the final round. Parke back to his takedown gameplan. Parke brings him to the canvas and attempts the submission. Punches from behind and strikes all over. Trinaldo nearly escapes after two full minutes of ground punishment, but is pulled back in by Parke. Trinaldo now escapes and is then pinned to the cage and Parke brings him down again. The round ends with Parke throwing elbow smashes on Trinaldo's face.

Official decision: Francisco Trinaldo wins in a controversial split decision.

Barroso v Jimmo 

Round 1:  Barroso and Jimmo touch gloves to start off. Short punching spurts while pinning each other against the cage has been the pace of most of this match. Barroso brings Jimmo down momentarily and rocks him with a few head shots. Jimmo stands up and is pinned to the cage again, with Barroso hitting lefts and trying to use trips. The ref breaks them up and brings it to the center. Jimmo hits a big head kick on Barroso as soon as they separate. Barroso moves in with the big rush, and Jimmo avoids it.

Round 2:  Barroso pins Jimmo to the cage early in the match. He isn't having success with the takedowns, but is keeping Jimmo from having any serious offense. Ref breaks them up again.  Jimmo throws a big punch at Barroso but took a hard illegal kick to the groin and drops to the canvas. The doctor is checking on him. Jimmo is now sitting up, now standing. Barroso is getting advantage of this recovery time as well, without having taken the obvious hard hit.  Jimmo is back in and the round restarts. Jimmo coming in with huge kicks but doesn't have the bounce in his step after that huge hit. A hard exchange of punches with hooks striking one another in the head. Another exchange and Jimmo locks arms around Barroso's waist. Barroso pushes Jimmo to the wall again and gets two big strikes on Jimmo, then returns to the clinch. The referee breaks up the clinch and returns it to the center of the octagon.

He'll feel that for a while. Brutal hit left Jimmo down for a full five minutes of recovery.

Round 3:  Hesitance from both men to enter striking range. The crowd is turning on the fight. Minimal striking by either men. Barroso continuing the clinches and pushing Jimmo into the cage wall. Clock runs out without any significant strikes occuring.

Official decision: Francimar Barroso wins by unanimous decision.

Noons v A. Oliveira

Round 1: Strikes, strikes, everywhere. Oliveira is all over him. A takedown by Oliveira brings Noons down and Oliveira gets behind him. Oliveira locks in the rear-naked choke and Noons taps out. Oliveira shows concern for Noons after the ref calls it, then celebrates with his team.

Official decision: Alex Oliveira wins with a submission by rear-naked choke at 2:51 of round 1.

Lentz v C. Oliveira

Round 1:  Match starts with a simultaneous set of leg kicks. Lentz tries to grab onto Oliveira and bring him down, but the height and reach distance is keeping him back. Lentz overcomes it by spinning Oliveira around and getting the takedown. Oliveira is fighting out of the mount with upward kicks, but Lentz gets one good elbow smash in. Oliveira gets up, and Lentz shoots another takedown, which Oliveira counters by flipping him over with a takedown of his own. Lentz gets up quickly and both men throw hard strikes at each other. Lentz is getting multiple hooks in on Oliveira, and Oliveira is fighting them off with knees. Oliveira hits a knee deep into Lentz's stomach and crumples him down. Oliveira delivers punch after punch down on his head. Lentz somehow survives the onslaught and the clock runs out with Oliveira still on top of him.

Round 2:  Lentz gets a takedown on Oliveira early in the round and drops elbows and tries to reposition Oliveira's arms. Oliveira gets to his stomach as Lentz strikes him repeatedly, and as soon as Oliveira reaches his feet, Lentz tosses him back to the ground. Oliveira hits two big kicks while down, but Lentz moves in and gets a guillotine choke. Oliveira fights out of it after 20 seconds of being choked. Lentz is now grinding him against the cage, then locks the leg up. The position makes it look like a strange Figure 4 modification, but Lentz uses it to change position and push Oliveira to the cage again. The round ends with Lentz still pushing Oliveira.

Round 3:  Lentz looking pretty tired, but pushes in with strikes and a spinning back fist. Lentz tries the takedown, but Oliveira hits a knee to the face. Oliveira gets a guillotine choke from a high position, locks his legs on his body to make him carry the weight, and brings Lentz down upside-down. This choke looks incredibly painful. Just brutal. Lentz taps out after a long and painful submission. This is the biggest submission of the night.

A guillotine with all his weight on top. 

Official decision: Charles Oliveira wins with a submission by guillotine choke at 1:09 of round 3.

The Main Event-

Condit v Alves

Round 1:  Alves starts off with a punch rush, Condit avoids and hits a kick with a loud repercussion of sound. Condit moves in with two left jabs and a right kick to the head.  Leg kick by Condit almost takes Alves' feet out from under him, but he rallies and strikes back with punches.  Condit swings wide with a spinning heel kick, and Alves avoids and moves in for the punches. Both men working combinations at each other, and Alves eventually wins out with a knee that sends Condit crashing back into the cage wall.  Condit lands a straight to Alves' forehead before the round ends.

Round 2:  Trading some hits in the center of the ring until Condit lands a sharp hook that sends Alves to the canvas. Condit is on top of him and throwing heavy hands onto the downed man. Alves is bleeding heavily all over the mat. Alves tries to get up and Condit hammers him with a knee to the face. Alves gets up now and Condit rushes and ends up in a choke. Condit is able to push him off and both men are standing and throwing shots at each other. Condit grabs him and throws him down hard. Condit sits on top of him and punches him in the face repeatedly before transitioning to a rear-naked choke attempt. Alves is able to slip the choke and sits up, but Condit pushes him to his back and continues to strike at his exposed face.  Alves' nose may be broken, it looks discolored and his face is covered in blood.  Alves is still fighting courageously despite all of the damage he has taken.

The doctor checks on Alves in between rounds and calls for the match to be stopped. Carlos Condit wins the fight.

Condit was left covered in Alves' blood after crushing his nose.

Official decision:  Carlos Condit wins by TKO at the end of round 2.

My picks:
Fight of the Night: Charles Oliveira v Nik Lentz
Submission of the Night: Charles Oliveira with the guillotine choke
Knock Out of the Night:  Darren Till with smashing elbows

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