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KO Coverage By A KO Look-A-Like: UFC Fight Night 70: Florida- Machida vs Romero

The real-life version of Street Fighter's Ryu is back in action! Coming off a devastating loss to new #1 contender Luke Rockhold, Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida returns to the octagon to fight rising star Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero.  Can the aging Dragon come back with a win or will he fall to the Soldier's blade?

Hey, I get 3/4ths of the frame.
Star power, bitches!

Antonio Carlos Jr v Eddie Gordon

Carlos Jr has come out strong and overwhelmed Gordon throughout the first two rounds.  Gordon is unable to fight back against him with any consequential effort.  Carlos Jr brings him down multiple times and is grinding down Gordon's energy.  In the final round, Carlos Jr works the rear-naked choke and gets Gordon to submit.  Carlos used superior technique to methodically break down Gordon's defense and stamina the entire fight without taking any damage.  

Official decision: Antonio Carlos Jr wins by tap out due to rear-naked choke at 4:37 of round 3.
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Special announcement: UFC confirms Featherweight champion and top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter Jose Aldo did not break his rib in practice as initially believed and is believed to make it to defend his title at UFC 189 in Las Vegas against challenger Conor McGregor.  In the event that Aldo is unable to make it to the fight, McGregor will face Chad Mendes for the UFC Interim Featherweight Championship.

In an interview, McGregor says he welcomes the challenge and believes Aldo is just scared. He also states that he is not surprised that most people are picking him as the favorite to win the fight. 

Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Lorenz Larkin

Round 1: Larkin comes out fast with jabs.  Larkin sizes up and delivers a punch rush finished by a stiff leg kick.  Ponzinibbio angles around him and lands a nice one-two combination to Larkin against the cage before Larkin escapes. Larkin attempts a compacted uppercut but misses and Ponzinibbio grapples him to avoid and pushes him away.  Ponzinibbio with another combination to Larkin and attempts the takedown, but Larkin fights it off. Ponzinibbio tries to punch again and Larkin gets a toe kick to the stomach.  Ponzinibbio lands a head kick roundhouse, but Larkin is able to weather it.

Round 2: Early into the round, Larkin is throwing feints and has Ponzinibbio reacting to them.  Larkin using spinning kicks. Now both men do a spinning kick at the same time and end up behind them.  Larkin gets several stiff leg kicks, but Ponzinibbio is firing back with punches.  Larkin lands a great straight punch followed by a left hook and knocks Ponzinibbio down. Larkin gets on top of him and continues to strike. Ponzinibbio shows incredible heart and fortitude and gets to his feet.  Larkin continues to pummel him in the stand up and referee Herb Dean stops the fight.

Official decision:  Lorenz "The Monsoon" Larkin wins by TKO at 3:07 of Round 2.

Lyoto Machida vs Yoel Romero

Round 1:  Both men touch gloves to start the fight.  First minute passes with no punches thrown but several kicks from both men.  Odd to see from a wrestling specialist like former Silver Medalist Romero.  The kicks continue and the only hand motion is used for feints.  Neither man is able to get close with the frequency of kicks.  Romero kicks and Machida nearly catches the leg and attempts to strike him with punches.  Machida gets in close and Romero tags him with punches and Machida wobbles back but laughs it off with a little dance.  Simultaneous kicks bounce off.  Round runs out with both men circling.

Round 2:  Both men trade strikes to start the round, but it is Machida backing away.  Still both men working a technical fight, not getting in close.  Machida getting some good kicks in.  Romero has still not tried a takedown shoot.  Romero closes in and forces Machida back before unloading a series of punches at him.  Romero gets a nice combination and Machida is looking a bit more tired deep into the second round.  Romero swings to wide and stumbles forward but Machida is not able to capitalize upon it.  Machida lands two kicks to the stomach. Romero jumps, kicks of the cage and delivers several punches and tries to take Machida down when the horn sounds to end the round.

Round 3:  Romero comes in with a big overhand punch, then a heavy leg kick to Machida.  Machida tilts in and throws an extended punch, but misses.  Machida is taken down by Romero and crushes down with smashing elbows. The ref jumps in and stops the fight. 

Official decision:  Yoel Romero wins by KO from elbow smashes at 1:38 of round 3.

Post-fight interview has Romero speak English for the crowd and say that he is disappointed in the United States, stating "What happened to you, USA? Why have you forgotten Jesus?" in a statement against the momentous gay marriage being passed yesterday.

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