Monday, June 8, 2015

On The Last Episode Of... The No Kayfabe Zone (May 31 - June 7)

"Y u do dis to me?"
   Welcome to "On the Last Episode Of..." where we recap the past week of the ongoing saga that is "The No Kayfabe Zone."  In this past week:

syanofflame took us on a journey as Syan Vs The Movies took the fight to Studio Ghibi's Princess Kaguya and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's San Andreas! And in the first dual Comic Critique of the week, he also reviewed Gene Luen Yang's American Born Chinese, and looked at Marvel's The Black Vortex and gave his insights on the colossal X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy comic event.

Fun Fact: The Rock does not care for Marvel events and their wanton destruction.
He would instead join DC. For shame!

Meanwhile,  @StrawHatRican lost his mind as he witnessed Winter arrive in the Game of Thrones episode "Hardhome;" but above it all he kept it together long enough to lose his mind (again) and review Blizzard Entertainment's latest free to play MOBA Heroes of the Storm for Free 2 Play Friday.  But it all came down to a clash of both MMA and Pro Wrestling as Syan covered UFC Fight Night 68 during his latest KO Coverage by a KO Look-A-Like, and also reviewed WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 with his Straw Hat co-host during The One With the Clean Win.

See you all on the next episode of... The Kayfabe Zone!

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