Monday, July 2, 2012

UTF's Royal Ramble

Errrmeeegheddd sshhuu teeerrrddd!!!
Been gone for a hot minute.

  Ok, so here's the update! I'm co-hosting a wrestling podcast with UTF (his Twitter username @IAmNotImportant) and we just unleashed episode 2. One more and we'll start going to iTunes :O! Here's the link for both his blog and the podcast:

  Since this is a weekly venture I'm going to try and somehow merge my Twitter shenanigans into this Blog space and keep things at a digestible amount and on subjects not pertaining to wrestling or comic books;  since I might be co-hosting a comic book Podcast as well. I'm also working on wrapping up the first arc and addendum for Elemights and hashing out my horror story "Black Friday" - both of which are time consuming and creatively draining.

  So that means this small space is most definitely going to be used for smaller columns, so don't expect giant Top Ten Lists (seriously, that One Piece one was loooooong) or Video Game Reviews (I was THIS close to doing a Star Wars: The Old Republic review that was going to dwarf my Warcraft one...)

  Until next time, keep your hats on!                         


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