Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Syan Vs Games: Mega Man

A true titan of early gaming, Mega Man has a special place in my heart! 

Brilliant level design (most of the time), a nice difficulty level, and a timeless charm which you always want to go back to make it one of my favorite series of all time. 

They call him the Blue Bomber because he's blue...
or they would if they made new games!
With the Legacy Collection being out and having released a nearly perfect port of the first six classic Mega Man games from the NES age, it was a perfect opportunity to revisit these gems of gaming. Hit the jump to watch a full playthrough of the game that started it all: Mega Man!

Eww... not that art.. anything but that!
Here we go! Enjoy! Sound off in the comments with your favorite Robot Master! Mine is Guts Man!

Special thanks to Raven4Lyfe for being a special guest co-host for this feature!

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