Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Strawhat's Streaming Shows: True Detective - Maybe Tomorrow

Oh yes... that'll do nicely!

  After that near heart attack on last week's episode concerning Detective Velcoro's fate, I was glad this week let us know fairly early on that he was, in fact still alive. Three episodes in and it doesn't look like any other character is going to resonate or have that much depth as Velcoro (but before I get ahead of myself, I will cover Woodrugh's interesting solo storyline in a few...) - and potentially losing him would've been a crushing blow to the show. Unless Bezzeride's character steps up, I don't see anyone taking the mantle of lead. I am interested in the "why" of Frank as a main character - and his troubles, and solution at the end of the episode was a head scratcher.

Who brought the Quaaludes?

  So yes, that opening sequence was trippy as hell. No going around that. But I have come to accept season two of True Detective as its own monster. I'm sure something will tie the anthology series together (a cult perhaps...?) - but right now I'm happy with the two stories being thematically different enough so that the comparisons can stop. A scene with Elvis and Matthew McConaughey talking to his father during a "life and death" coma would've made no sense last season. But this year? All bets are off, it's a new story and with the format being so diametrically opposed (four main characters instead of the "buddy" cop formula gone awry) it just feels like it can now branch into its own identity. But let's talk about Woodrugh for a few...

  At first his character seemed like the standard ex-military PTSD veteran with a dark past (that trailer scene with his mom still resonates) and a suicidal streak. But now his aversion to his own girlfriend, and subsequent breakup, seems to have a deeper tie to his own sexuality. The scene with his friend during that rodeo, and his solo investigation that lead him to a corner gigolo interrogation that then followed into a dubious club (and a small interaction with Frank) have started to paint a picture about Woodrugh that seems to have a new depth to him. What exactly happened to him in his childhood? What exactly was his friend apologizing for? What is it about his own sexuality that seems to burn him? Is the sexuality and macabre nature of the world these detectives are unearthing going to become a new obstacle for him, or will it have ties to whatever has happened to him already? I've been wondering exactly where his character arc is going and I feel after this episode his inclusion to this world and case is now actually justified.

"So... we're not gonna talk about that crazy night in São Paulo?"

  But I digress, Velcoro and Bezzeride's had a great scene after following a lead in Caspere's case concerning a stolen car from a movie set (and a weird Cary Fukanaga parody/rib) that, when found was blown up by a masked (...?) man that took to the streets in the middle of the night and eluded our duo. Two things about this scene: Velcoro and Bezzerides are still amazing together and that masked man seriously gave me a flashback to the big bad last season. Which may or may not be either a thematically tie-n or an actual story thread that will tie the seasons together. I will say this; I like that the powers that be want Bezzeride to potentially bed Velcoro for their own purposes (i.e. have more dirt on him) meaning that a romantic subplot is pretty much nixed at this point. And with Woodrugh's sexuality being up in the air, the chances of Bezzeride becoming another "female detective that hooks up with the male lead" are becoming extremely slim. And I approve of that.
  Frank is still a very "meh" character for me, but I do enjoy seeing his empire seemingly crumble before him. The death of one of his "made men" took him, seemingly, off the edge and decided to call an emergency meeting that ended with a small mutiny/fist fight and a hilarious grill removal scene. Overall I enjoy the small tidbits of information we're getting from our detectives (seriously need more Bezzeride though!) and the case is moving at a decent pace - while adding more layers to the complicated nature of a multi-level multi-department murder investigation where everyone wants something different out of it. The corrupt city of Vinci, California may hold more secrets than it can possibly contain, and whatever Caspere's nocturnal activities were - he sure as Hell may have made more enemies than he was allowed to have.

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