Friday, July 17, 2015

Rican's Free 2 Play Friday: Overwatch

Welcome to Rican's Free 2 Play Friday, a weekly look into free-to-play gaming such as MOBAs, MMOs, Team Shooters, and more! This week we look at Blizzard Entertainment's newest IP in 20 years: Overwatch

  Another week, another Free 2 Play game in the horizon! And while I'm usually all about MOBAs, Action RPGs, and MMOs - there's a game on my sights that could very well be the next big Free 2 Play game that takes up my gaming queue. Confirmation of the payment method is sketchy at the moment, but I'm willing to bet some heard earned cash that it will follow the current model of F2P games. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's back it up and go back in time to Blizzcon 2014.

  Chris Metzen, father of Warcraft (and most Blizzard Universe lore), introduced Overwatch to the world amidst tears and jittery nerves. Initially, the ill fated social MMO "Project Titan," Overwatch was envisioned as a sci-fi world that was going to become the in-house successor of World of Warcraft. Sometime along development, the developers discovered the game had lost its vision - but they didn't want to scrap the entire thing. Using the assets acquired during the development, Blizzard revamped Titan into Overwatch: a 5 versus 5 objective based Team-Shooter ala Team Fortress 2.

  Now, I'll be the first to admit that first person shooters aren't really my thing. I had a passing passion for: Unreal Tournament 2004, Halo 2, and Destiny; but what was mostly because they weren't traditional shooters in the Call of Duty sense. Battlefield and Battlefront are other shooters I've dabbled in, along with Team Fortress. Team Fortress 2 has personality to spare and the character archetypes and classes make the experience different everytime you play it. Overwatch seems to have that personality as well, with the RPG archetypes of Tank, Support, Defense and Offense as the core class selection, the game may be one of the most creative and visually appealing shooters currently in development.

  The past couple of months, Blizz has released character gameplay videos, lending to the credence that the game itself will be free to play but the Heroes will be micro transactions, which showcase the different character archetypes and gameplay flavors. There's also different match types/maps (Payload and Point Capture being the first two revealed in different settings like London, Japan, and Egypt) to go with the variety of heroes confirmed so far. And honestly, any game that has a robot monk and a brainy gorilla in a cybersuit is a game I want part of, no matter the genre. Overwatch goes into Beta this fall (I've opted in as soon as Metzen finished his teary-eyed announcement) with a release of 2016 in sight. Join the Fight! Overwatch needs Heroes like you!

And they even got dental!

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