Sunday, June 28, 2015

On the Last Episode Of... The No Kayfabe Zone (June 22-June 28)

Welcome to "On the Last Episode Of..." where we recap the past week of the ongoing saga that is "The No Kayfabe Zone." In this past week:

  After a brutal Game of Thrones season finale, Rican decided to take up a new show for his Streaming Shows. Luckily for him, HBO gave him True Detective in the same time-slot. Find out if the new season of the anthology based cop drama was up to standards and how it compared to its amazing first season. On Free 2 Play Friday, he delved back into the action RPG space in Gazillion Entertainment's MMO Marvel Heroes 2015, where he examined the state of the game for it's 2nd anniversary and the release of the most sought after hero/villain its roster: Doctor Doom

  Syan had a busy week as he examined the new comic Gotham Academy during Comic Critique. While juggling DC lore, he also live blogged yet another UFC event for KO Coverage by A KO Look-A-Like, and somehow managed to find time to square off against Melissa McCarthy's newest comedy "Spy" for another weekly Syan Vs Movies. And as a special treat, we both decided to take our MMO adventures live on Twitch and recorded it for your viewing please. Join the shenanigans as the debonair Vincent LaPour (wot, m8?) and the sultry Mish'mish Muribane start their quest for glory in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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