Monday, June 15, 2015

On the Last Episode Of... The No Kayfabe Zone (June 8th-14th)

Dany really cares about her friends

Welcome to "On the Last Episode Of..." where we recap the past week of the ongoing saga that is "The No Kayfabe Zone."  In this past week:

@StrawHatRican enters Westeros once more to discuss the Dance of Dragons and its horrifying display of parenting as well as a how-to guide to making a villain more disgusting with just two words. 

Next, Mugiwara no Rican goes on to talk about his experience in the highly anticipated finale of another HBO series with Entourage the Movie and realizes that Hollywood is sometimes a shallow place where cameos are king.

New Comic Book Day hit as always this Wednesday and with it came @syanofflame and a Comic Critique of the new Thor Goddess of Thunder series, featuring the all-new, all-female and all-worthy Thor.

Dinosaurs ruled the weekend as Jurassic World reigned over the box office, but how did they match up when they went against Syan in another edition of Syan vs Movies?

For Free 2 Play Friday,  Strawhat Rican returns to new MOBA craze Heroes of the Storm as he goes into discussion of paladin Johanna.

On Saturday in Mexico City, the hits kept coming as the UFC Heavyweight Championship was on the line and covered in KO Coverage for UFC 188.

Finally, Sunday Storytelling debuted with an analysis of Roland, the tragic hero of medieval poem Song of Roland and inspiration for Stephen King's Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower series.

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