Thursday, May 7, 2015

The No Kayfabe Era Begins!

As some of you may have noticed, and I apologize for how abrupt the change in the page and URL went about, Rican's Beach House ( has been wholly absorbed and changed into "The No Kayfabe Zone" ( And there's a few reasons why this came about.

"The House is closed, for now..."

Number one was the need of a cohesive webspace for our columns and a platform to spread our podcast audience instead of solely relying on Podomatic's page. We are obviously less constricted here (and Syan would tell you I'm the tech guy in this particular case), and we can change the page more to our liking and post more than just podcast episodes. Which, because of our vast array of opinions on wholly different shows/interests/genres is a good thing.

Number two, we can only cover so much on an episodic format (even if some episodes are a staggering 2+ hours, for which I apologize - unless you enjoy it, in which case "You're welcome...?"), but with this Blog space, and our separate Twitter accounts; which we do try and use for live tweeting and breaking certain news/interests/random factoids, we feel confident this was the best route to go and hopefully you will all enjoy the journey as Syan and I attempt to take you all along for the ride.

Number three, and this goes without saying, and judging from the decor on the site at the moment (which I consider to be very much an "Alpha approaching a Beta" Phase) we are extremely wrestling inclined, but we still have a passion for other avenues of storytelling (and make no mistake, our love for the "sport" comes from almost unanimously its unique method of storytelling)

Let us know what you think: as always I'm available @strawhatrican on the Twitterverse, as is my partner in crime @syanofflame!

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